People still play?

#1 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

Thinking of buying soon. hows the player count? i was told people still play the game. but  i want to check in with the good old GB comunity! =)
#2 Posted by ComradeKritstov (697 posts) -

Just dug out my copy and installed it. When I checked there were 39 servers with players in them with around 10 with 20ish players. Not any 64 servers but a few with 32.

#3 Posted by Shadow71 (282 posts) -

Just picked it up for $13 in the latest steam sale, definitely worth it.

#4 Posted by billnyethesciencepie (1538 posts) -

This is the multiplayer only game right?

#5 Posted by UnrealDP (1257 posts) -


No theres a single player with a small bit of a progression system, but its just basicly bot match.

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