Punk Buster is AWFUL

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I recently bought this game for $5 at a bestbuy with no real expectations, and I have to admit that after playing it for a bit it is quite good.

HERE'S THE PROBLEM THOUGH: Punk buster is god damn awful.

I have to assume after awhile id didn't want to pay the punkbuster people anymore, so all support for PB has been dropped for ETQW.

BUT here's the kicker, without the non existent PB files on my comp (which you can not get from PB anymore remember) you can not play online for more than 3 minutes without then getting kicked.

So I ask you, the community, does anyone out there know where I can get these files? I have searched for a couple of hours without any success, and admittedly I'm thinking of just uninstalling the game to avoid this bull.

But I thought I would make one last attempt at making it work.

Anyways that all, if anyone knows please and thanks :)


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In other news: George W. Bush has been elected President of the United States!

Kidding :P But yeah, punkbuster really, really blows ass. Always has and probably always will.

Er, nevermind, didn't fully read your post. I guess just keep doing a google search for them.

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@xobballox: Tried that first, they don't support the game anymore >X/

So no files there.

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@G0rd0nFr33m4n: Yeah, that was my bad, didn't read your post fully, sorry about that.

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I never have any problems with punk buster.

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The great thing about Punk Buster is that it didn't get any better between ETQW and BF3.

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