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Not your typical policeman, Enforcers are deputised mercenaries tasked with cleaning up the city of San-Paro. Given a gun and a badge, they have the freedom to enforce the law however they see fit, but reckless use of lethal force carries consequences.
Fresh-faced recruits have the option of aligning themselves with one of two enforcer organizations, the Praetorians or the Prentiss Tigers. Each featuring their own unique chain of command, players are able to work their way up the ranks of their chosen organization by accepting missions from NPC contacts. As the player progresses, the will receive missions from increasingly higher ranking contacts.
Enforcers are incentivised to adhere to a code of conduct that prohibits such things as harming innocent NPC bystanders or dangerous driving and rewards using non-lethal force whenever possible. That however is not to say Enforcers must be squeaky clean, with infractions often able to be overlooked by bribing a contact within your organization.
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