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I bought five games at Futureshop this week, some of them at low price. Enslaved was $20, Dark Void 10$ (I noticed afterwards they charged me 15$, those fuckers), Nier $25 and The Sly Collection $30. I also bought Crysis 2 for $60.

I am currently playing through Enslaved on hard (not-so-hard, really) and I am really liking it! The characters are just great and the facial animations are just unmatched. Like Brad said, Heavy Rain could have used a page out of this game. I am most definitely going to buy the DLC once I'm done (and once PSN is back...). I heard the story only gets better and better, so I am really looking forward to seeing the ending of this game.

I will just into Dark Void after this game, as I remember Jeff saying how great the characters and the soundtrack was.
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Awesome! That's a fantastic game. I heard a lot a people didn't like the ending. Not sure why. It was a fine way to end it...

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Yeah, I'd love to play that game! I just haven't yet because there has been so many other games to get. I've watched the intro and it looks appropriately cinematic with the great camera views that show the scope of the environments, and the intense soundtrack.
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I didn't care for much of the gameplay in Enslaved, but the story was worth seeing to the end.  I dunno why you bought Crysis 2 for full price, shop around bro =x

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I finished the game the other night. I really liked the game! Some people seem to claim that the gameplay is shallow; while I get what they are saying, I personally thought it was just fine. The graphics are beautiful and the face animations marvelous. The relationship between Trip and Monkey was really believable and much more... organic (for a lack of a better word) than what is found in other games. However, I will say that the ending is bullshit, not mentioning plot discrepancies.

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I've played about an hour or so and while I like the characters and writing, I just wish it was more of that. I don't want to play it at all since the gameplay part is so fucking monotonous and boring for me. I can't see myself finishing this game, but I'd love to see all the cutscenes and stuff.

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