Amazon Deal of the Day 10-12-10

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So I wwas thinking of getting this before it came out but ended up with Lords of Shadow which I love. However, Enslaved still has my eye...problem is that it seems like it isn't doing so well with it being deal of the day this soon after it's release....and the inactive forum makes me think it will be/is a commercial flop... 
Any thoughts?

#2 Posted by eldiax (648 posts) -

I am playing it and I like it. The game has a much bigger emphasis on the plot and the characters than the gameplay. Not to say the gameplay is bad, it just isn't anything exceptional.

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The Kmart Vanquish deal is probably the best one to go for.  If you're lucky, Kmart still has Fallout Coasters that are $5 and give you a $15 off coupon that will work on any gaming purchase the first two weeks that Vanquish is out (meaning that Vanquish & Enslaved would only be $75 after the $5 for the coasters)

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