Dog/Rhino achievements

#1 Posted by Ali_D (151 posts) -

Anyone else found or is finding these achievements really hard to get. The frustrating thing about the Rescue Trip From The Dog in 35 seconds is that there's no timer to give you an idea of how you're doing. Also, you can't restart and go back to the check point because as soon as you're done, it's straight onto the next chapter. Same with the Rhino equivalent. Also, I must have tried at least 50 times but I can't defeat the Rhino without getting his at least once. Does anyone have any tips or advice for completing the Rhino with no hits taken?

#2 Posted by SuperSambo (3037 posts) -

I got them first try without knowing about them.

For the dog, just hit all the blue things and I see nonreason why you shouldn't get it in under the time. I missed loads!

For the rhino, stay on the cloud.

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