Enslaved did not save my progress (possible bug?)

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So I got Enslaved and played it for a couple of hours. I finished chapter 7 and made sure that the game saves my progress (checkpoint, blue spinning thingy in the lower right corner). I backed out to the main menu and turned the console off. The next day I wanted to continue playing and was suprised that the game did not offer me the choice to "continue the journey". I checked my file system and the save file was there but the game wouldn't load it for some strange reasons. Also, I was not able to go into chapter select and choose the chapter were I left off. It was as if I never played that game before. So I had to start over and up until now the saving seems to work, but I am still a bit concerned, that the game will screw up my savegame once more and thus leaving me with no other option than to start a new journey - again!
My question is: did anyone else experience similar troubles with this? Any advice?
EDIT: I should add that this is related to the XBox version of the game.

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What system are you playing on? 
I beat it a few days ago on the 360 and didn't have any issues. Hopefully it was just a one-time thing!

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Played it on the 360 as well. Sorry, forgot to mention that in the original post. I added the information.

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This has happened to me. I got to chapter 4, then turned it off for the night. Now every time I try to load up the game it can't find my previous save.

Now I have to go through the opening bullshit again!

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