Focus Attack

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#1 Posted by LlamaLlama (188 posts) -

Is it any good? I've been considering purchasing it, but I'm saving up from another health upgrade. Has anyone used it?
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#2 Posted by Juvenfly (129 posts) -

It kills any non-boss mech.  Definitely worth it over a health upgrade.  Are you playing on hard or something?

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#3 Posted by oddmanout22287 (63 posts) -

Focus attack is so worth it. Later on in the game they'll start throwing groups of the bigger mechs at you and being able to take those things out in one go makes life a lot easier.

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#4 Posted by JusticeCat (117 posts) -

Yeah playing through on hard it was very convenient, being able to string attacks together and not get hit meant i could use it on every second or so mech and it lowers their numbers really quickly.
I found i got all the combat upgrades and only started upgrading the staff when i had done all the other 3 and was playing through again for achievements.

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#5 Posted by Understudy (13 posts) -

Didn't get focus attack unti my second play-through on hard. Actually finding it easier than normal now :)
I find that if you're attacking a group of mechs then any mechs that get a glancing blow from the focus attack will get stunned while you're taking out your primary target. Very Handy.

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#6 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2528 posts) -

I just played the game on Hard & totally dismissed the focus attack thinking it would be just useful in those boss fight moment where the dog is down & you can wail on him for a few moments. As a result the most frustrating part of the game, BY FAR, was having to fight large groups of mechs. 
So getting that thing is probably for the best.

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#7 Posted by bkbroiler (1721 posts) -

Probably too late for the OP now, but buying the focus attack early is definitely a good idea. 

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#8 Posted by Gerhabio (1996 posts) -

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