Great demo - also posting a deal for US GiantBombers

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The demo was so good, right?
Really reminded me of uncharted 2 in the camera angles, the sound design, and the hectic pacing.
Loved how you could see the city coming up as you're climbing the wing of the plane. And the combat wasn't the best but it was fun.
Kmart is giving $25 off your next purchase when you pick up enslaved the week of release (Or the following week). You can use it for fallout nv later in the month or whatever you like. I think they have a free exclusive art book or something too. Plus no stinky chain game stores to go to or employees to heckle you about used games, strategy guides, or pre-ordering the next CALLADUTY BRO

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I was actually about to make a post on the my thoughts of the demo.
 I'm with you, I got a major Uncharted 2 feel from the game and it made me happy, I pre-ordered the game about 5 minutes after finishing the demo. 
I was going to make a thread asking if anyone else got the Uncharted feel from the game but decided to have a look around first, seems I'm not alone!
EB Games in Australia are doing a order deal, $20 off it if you preorder, but that's $20 off the RRP and I'm sure most other places will have it around that price anyway...
Game looked ok when i saw the quick look but the demo blew me away, the controls are nice and the fights are fun to play.
Looking forward the this one.

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So 88? Grr...that's still expensive damnit. Too expensive. 
I mean, i got RDR for cheaper than that in release week.
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Yeah, that's what the online price was.. did a Pre-order on-line Pickup in store... at my store, which I work at, just to blow the minds of the guys working today.
I imagine Enslaved will be cheap on launch everywhere. Which is good, being a semi-new IP and all, looks like a decent game.
EDIT: Man, look at those commas. I love me some commas.

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