How long is it?

#1 Posted by xyzygy (10592 posts) -

I'm considering getting a new game soon and I just want to know how long Enslaved is. For comparison, I'm playing Lords of Shadow right now and am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the length and replayability of the game. Is Enslaved somewhat similar, or is it really, really short like Heavenly Sword?

#2 Posted by EVO (4027 posts) -

It's longer than Heavenly Sword but there's little replayability. I'd just wait til it's on sale.

#3 Posted by mrfluke (5654 posts) -

started it today at 9, and just finished it, story was good except for the epilogue which i thought was cheesy, but other than that great characters, very nice graphics and fun gameplay, i think its this years dark horse for goty

#4 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2840 posts) -

6 hours is kind of short... but doesn't sound too bad. i'd pay up to $20 bucks for that long of a game, I suppose.

#5 Posted by RichardLOlson (1904 posts) -

I thought about getting that game, but if there is no real replayability, then I probly won't.

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