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Just beat the game on normal, I  liked it, I give it a 7/10. 
Best things about the game are the  visuals, characters, animation and facial expressions.
and the Cloud hover board!!
BUT there were a few things that I found  very frustrating ...

During the end of the game it was getting  very repetitive and tedious, I just wanted it to end, but you have to do one  frustrating  thing after another.
When you think you've killed the boss, think again, you have to fight it some more and then another 5 times more!!  they really drag everything out too much. 
The  camera was a pain at times.
Some annoying  puzzles, most of them were a nuisance and not very fun. It forced me to look online to figure it out, as it's not clear what you have to do in the game.
The Platforming gets  quite dull after awhile, as there is only one path to take most of the time. Often I found myself confused about where I had to climb,  running around looking for the 1 little spot that I was able to climb.  
Overall it's a good game with some very awesome moments and great characters but be  prepared to be  frustrated.

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I just finished my first playthrough last night, I played on Hard & finished the game in two sittings which maybe wasn't the brightest idea. I found myself really loving the art design, cinematic elements, the story telling, & the amount of loving depth putting into the world of Enslaved; the flip-side to this is that I found myself really disliking the actual gameplay from about the third chapter onwards. 
I preferred the puzzles & platforming sections a whole lot more because in combat I was just constantly getting mobbed by groups of mechs & it felt like none of the combat upgrades really made me any stronger against them, it just added more complexity & emphasis on timing to each fight. I really came to dread any of the chapters in which Monkey is on his own & had to get through an area because they were always the combat heavy moments. Chapter 7 or 8, I can't remember which, but the chapter where you're searching for Trip in her village & then have to start that giant windmill, fuck... nearly broke that game for me.

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I beat it a week ago and think I would give it an 4 out of 5.

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