Loved the demo -- should I play Heavenly Sword until it's out?

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Scoffed at HS when it first came out because of its apparent shortness. Well it's been out for years and is quite cheap now. Do you guys recommend I play it? Also, is the combat similar enough to Enslaved?

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No don't bother.

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The combat is quite different from Enslaved. It's really not as bad as people make it sound to be, though. And it's very much worth the price it can be found at these days. Just don't expect it to prepare you much in the way for Enslaved - except maybe for its amazing production values.

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 It depends. Do you like sixaxis related gameplay?  Some of it is cool, but I know most people kinda hate it.

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Play it for the story and characters, not for the combat.

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I found several of the missions almost impossible because of how sloppy the controls are

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The games are barely comparable imo, Heavenly Sword is a perfectly fine game with a great story, but the gameplay lets it down a little sometimes, from what I've seen and played of Enslaved, it combines brilliant gameplay with a brilliant story so I'm just gonna wait for that. Just play the demo over and over, it's awesome.

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@bigmuffpi: Heavenly Sword is not really as bad as what people say. It is basically a God of War with female Kratos. It was one of the first games that utilized sixaxis in some way in the gameplay. But it is not worth buying. Story is pretty generic but it's not terrible. it's just that there is nothing really outstanding about it. If you really wanna play it, rent it, burrow it or buy if it costs less then 20 dollars(it has been out for a really long time so it should be easy to find for a really cheap price).  
With that said, you don't have play Heavenly Sword to play Enslaved. The only common thing you're find is that Ninja Theory focuses a lot of animations and the voice acting of the characters. The movements and face expressions of the characters are great in the both games. But you really don't need to play Heavenly Sword to "prepare yourself" for Enslaved.
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I'm in the minority that really really enjoyed Heavenly Sword. Kai was among one of the most memorable characters in any series, and the action was fun. The story was kind of goofy at times, but it had a charm to it. I still have it in my collection when I've traded off a lot of other "critical darling" titles, and there is a reason for it.  
That said, I've played the demo for Enslaved, and I really liked it. It doesn't have too much in common with Heavenly Sword aside from the quality of the facial animations.

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@Unchained: @bigmuffpi: 
Agreed, I also really like HS.  Probably the best technical cut scenes ever and the story, and especially the characters, are interesting.  I like the combat too, it forced you to switch things up rather than just mash the most effective attack.  As for the sixaxis stuff, those parts are awesome....if you just turn of the motion controls, by all means try it, but I couldn't do it, just went back to analogue.
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@Matiaz_Tapia said:
"  It depends. Do you like sixaxis related gameplay?  Some of it is cool, but I know most people kinda hate it. "
man that was the best part of the game! not the controls themselves, there were pretty crap, but the way it was used was really fun. if they made a spin off were you play as kat (or whatever her name was) with that combat the whole way through it'd be great.
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Enslaved was alright.  I played the demo last night and it didn't really grab me, didn't make me say "OMG that is so awesome"....but I'm more excited for fable 3.

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you could just monkey around

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They're not really comparable games, but I really enjoyed Heavenly Sword. If you haven't played it give it a shot. 

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Definitely pick up Heavenly Sword. You'll get used to the combat and the way it uses the sixaxis is pretty damn good. One thing to also look at is the cut scenes. I don't know how they do it, but you can literally see all the different expressions each character makes. It's incredible. The only reason people usually hate on it is because it's short. When it first came out, I paid the full price for it because the way the game plays justifies the purchase for me.

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@DXmagma:  I agree , that was the best part!  It's just that I know it's not everyone's cup-o-tea, specially since it's  been branded as failed tech. 
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It's really just short and not great.  but not great isn't a bad thing.

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@Matiaz_Tapia said:
" @DXmagma:  I agree , that was the best part!  It's just that I know it's not everyone's cup-o-tea, specially since it's  been branded as failed tech.  "
man, a 4-5 hour game based on that would be perfect for psn. doesn't need to be sixaxis either, i'm sure it would still work, if not work better, with the analog stick, singularity did it pretty well. not too mention with move out it'd be the perfect pack in game!

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I wasn't a fan of the gameplay. The sixaxis parts were horrible and the rest of the game was nothing special. Great story and graphics.

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i liked it :) played at a mates for like 2 hours when they has passed out  
i had fun though from what i rember 

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it seemed like the combat was out of God of war. Enslaved looks different then Sword

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You should play Heavenly Sword just for the cutscenes with the main bad guy.  He's the most overacted character I've ever seen in anything.  It really is something that must be seen.

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I hope you learned your cloud whistle.
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Sure. HS was an excellent game. The last boss is a SoB tho.

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It's worth it just for the cannon sequence.

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