PSN: Pigsy’s Perfect 10 is now $5

#1 Posted by Kidavenger (3879 posts) -

It's kind of amazing how rarely DLC ever goes on sale or has a price drop, I've been waiting for this one ever since they talked it up on the bombcast so many years ago.

I'm actually playing through the main game right now so perfect timing!

#2 Posted by Rabid619 (1124 posts) -

Pigsy's Perfect 10 is a great piece of content, I'd recommend it to anyone who loved Enslaved. It has very little to do with the main story (other than Pigsy himself) but it has some pretty incredible character moments. Oh, Truffles.

#3 Edited by spankingaddict (2820 posts) -

Yeah , I just saw this . Will buy indeed .

#4 Posted by awesomeusername (4528 posts) -

I saw this and I'm tempted to put my last $8 into my bank and buy this and that other game, Jacob Jones. God damn video games!

#5 Posted by jewunit (1091 posts) -

I bought Enslaved based on the demo and have not actually played it yet. Does it matter if I play the main game or Pigsy's Perfect 10 first? Do the story's overlap? I am interested in both parts, but I don't want one part of the game to detract from my enjoyment of the other.

#6 Posted by Kidavenger (3879 posts) -

@jewunit: I just finished Pigsy's Perfect 10, there are no spoilers for the main game, nor does it really have much to do with the main story other than setting, it's well worth playing and I don't think it matters much which order you play them in, the only reason I wouldn't play the DLC first would be that it's alot harder than the main game and the gameplay is completely different.

#7 Posted by jewunit (1091 posts) -

@kidavenger: Thanks for the response! I actually finished the DLC a few days ago. I am heartened to hear that the main game is a little easier. I died a staggering number of times throughout Perfect 10. That being said, I really enjoyed the gameplay mechanics and the story. The DLC alone is worth what I paid for the game.

#8 Posted by Lukeweizer (3064 posts) -

You've been waiting years for a $5 price drop? If you can't make $5 within 3 years, you should be worrying about other things than content for a game.

Either way, Enslaved is a beautiful game and Pigsy is a totally worthwhile DLC (even at $10).

#9 Posted by pantzing_nome (601 posts) -

Damn it seems dlc for a game always goes on sale for the console I didn't buy the game for.

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