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A Journey to the west that must be taken!

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the west is a game with an awesome and different take on post-apocalyptic setting that is story driven and must be taken and not missed.  It is a story of 2 lead characters named Monkey and Trip.  By the way it starts the story you figure that Monkey is just going to be the big brut that is a brainless thug that the girl just bosses around.  This isn't the case in this game.  Monkey is pretty much the brain behind the hole story and ends up warming up the Trip as the story unfolds. 
     I have found the combat system in the game very fun but somewhat repetative given that in total you see almost all the enemys you are gonna see with in the first few chapters not including the bosses.   You can do the usual of lvling Monkey with different areas from upgrading his attack power to the power of the shield.  The one this with the upgrade system that I wish was there was being able to upgrade Trips distraction power to make it last a little longer then it does. 
    Now the meat a potatoes for me in this game was the platforming and the story.  The story for me was one of the best all year for me.  It made me want to keep going to want to find out what was happening.  Though I do kinda a wish they would of done a lot better with the ending of the game storywise.  It could of been done a lot better in my eyes.  The platforming is your pretty typical platforming now a days a la assasins creed or prince of persia but I really didn't mind it at all was still some of the best so far this year. 
    My final statements though for this game is a must buy for people that want a great story or just an all around beautifully made game with all the right mixings that just whenit gets right now to it want an out right fun game.

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