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the epitome of rental

Although not a bad game the overall experience is short, unchallenging, and generally shallow.
   As your introduced to the combat it seems well enough but when the game is over you realize that nothing really changed. The same button mashing you do at the beginning will serve you well to the end. With the only incentive to mix it up being to see the different strike animations play out.
   The characters look relatively nice and the world is a nice vibrant spin on the dystopia theme, until the cutscene start and the stiff animations start up. And the "odyssey" never feels long enough to flesh out this relationship between the two characters, especially when they start off on a bad foot that stepped in a bear trap.
   Enslaved splits it's gameplay between combat and environmental puzzles in the vein of the PoP or Ass Creed franchises. The problem with these segments is they give you no room to fail and only let you move up a structure one way. So these boil down to jumping on a ledge and then attempting to jump in any direction until the game decides you're going the right way.
   Ultimately this a mediocre game that comes to a sudden stop; i didn't even know i was fighting the final boss until the ending cinematic started playing. You can breeze through the whole thing in about 2 days and when it's over you won't have much of a reason to go back through again.


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