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Enslaved Odyssey To The West Review

In my opinion....

The game is epic, concerning art/visuals. The characters, the levels and the machines etc are extremely vibrant and I found it almost impossible to find a level that was awful looking and not done well. The game is a button masher, climb here, climb there, tap tap, on to the next part, if you don’t mind that great, but it does become quite boring.

The story itself is great, it’s not amazing or outstanding, but it is great, the characters are good in themselves and for me personally, I really enjoyed the character progress and the cut scenes, but I felt at times, there weren’t enough cut scenes.

The story starts off slow at first, game play becomes quite tedious and I felt quite bored towards the middle, but thankfully the story picked up pace by the middle and I started to become deeply engaged until the end, even managing a few chuckles here and there! During playing the story through, I had to restart my console three times because of the loading screen becoming frozen, this did not affect my enjoyment at all with the game but it can be quite frustrating.

Overall the game is great, for £10 it is a bargain, but the game lets it self down with the boring beginning, tedious gameplay that can become quite repetitive and the lack of cut scenes to give the story more ‘weight’.

Most of all what I enjoyed about the game, is the story building between the two main characters and the cute dependency they have on eachother - it's fresh, it's sweet, it's new and great to watch.

If you enjoy games such as Deus Ex, LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted, definitely give this game a rent!

Overall rating - 7/10

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