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Will This Game Make You It's Slave? 5

The majority of today's post-apocalyptic games tend to bring on images of dreary and bland environments that can make even the most die hard fans of the genre wanting more variety. Thankfully, this is not the case with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a story driven action-platformer that is encompassed by beautiful environments that, at times, will make you awe in amazement. From a lush green city to a treasure-filled junkyard, the world that Ninja Theory has crea...

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A stepping stone to acceptance 0

  Enslaved, Enslaved, Enslaved, Im really not sure where you came from but im damn glad you arrived in my 360’s disc tray. Enslaved is a game that, although ive been aware of its development/existance through trailers, just never lit my fire through the entire duration of its pre release marketing cycle. If im perfectly honest i think i watched the first trailer for Enslaved right after i watched the first trailer for Quantum Theory and i think Quantum Theory's extreme generic-ness possibly spil...

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Sleeper hit of the year? 0

I have to tip my hat over to Ninja Theory and their new game, Enslaved, as it seems to do something that a lot of the big franchise games now are failing to really provide: a meaningful and emotional story. Most of the time the games are fun to play and there's enough variety to the gameplay or it has a multiplayer component to provide countless hours once the single player's finished. But in the case of Enslaved, the gameplay works hand in hand with the narrative and they both seem to complimen...

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You need to take this journey 0

 Enslaved is probably the first real surprise of Fall for me, I had played the demo and had a mixed reaction to it. The graphics were well rendered and colourful, the world seemed intriguing but there were a myriad of camera issues and control problems to spoil much of the fun. Still I decided to rent the full game and give it a shot.   The camera and control problems are very much present in the full game but they seem to be less of an issue once the game gets rolling. The camera has a habit of...

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When conventional meets unconventional 4

 " A great example of talents from other fields lending their skills to create a great cinematic experience. The game play is solid but neither extraordinary or innovated. Enslaved is a fun low frustration experience that will wow you with its art and world.But it comes down to just a journey and nothing more."  Developer: Ninja Theory Publisher: Namco Bandai Platform: Xbox 360 Time Spent: 1 play through (no DLC)     Just looking at Enslaved it is hard to tell what the game truly is. The ...

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In Depth Review and Story analisys 0

  After i heard that Ninja Theory was working on a new IP inspired by the “journey to the west” book i was very excited. They had previously impressed me with Heavenly Sword, a game that tried to inovate gaming as a medium by hiring Andy Serkis to both direct and act a production that whould take storytelling in video games to a whole new level and they did....sort of. The game was criticised for beeing very short but it was clear that the colaboration between Serkis and NT was worth it. The an...

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Unbalanced Journey with some Bright Spots 0

 Ninja Theory has put together another unbalanced, hit and miss game.  Much like Heavenly Sword, there are some very nice things in Enslaved but there are also some major missteps.  On the plus sides, the music is good though I wish it were better integrated into the game. The theme music that plays on the PS3 XMB is quite haunting.  The story also has some touching moments between the two lead characters. However, there is little character development or really meaningful conversations during t...

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The Serkis side-show 0

 So I’ve never read Journey to the West, the ye ‘olde Chinese storyline that Enslaved is claiming to be inspired by. Though I can extrapolate my experiences from the Dante’s Inferno game and pick out the parts of Enslaved that were altered for the American video game-playing public. I don’t think Journey to the West has, for example, a post-apocalyptic setting, or a hero so chiseled that he can regenerate health by flexing his traps. (Though the game’s one single homage to Asian fiction ma...

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An Engrossing But Flawed Journey 0

In the war zone that is the autumn 2010 video game market, it's easy to overlook a game like Enslaved. This is a shame, because although flawed, the game is also quite unique. Backed by minimal marketing and releasing amongst a slew of highly anticipated games, Enslaved came out of left field to deliver an uneven but ultimately worthwhile experience.   Enslaved starts with a bang, throwing the you right into the action and seamlessly introducing the numerous gameplay elements in an engaging way....

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An Interesting Romp Through Neo-Fantasy 0

My initial feelings towards Enslaved: Odyssey to the West were luke warm. Rumblings of this game from the makers of Heavenly Sword, a game I haven't played, always seemed to be on the periphery; within earshot but never loud enough to make me flinch. It wasn't until I started seeing footage coming out of various trade shows that I began to become interested, though even said interest was rather tepid. Up until the day delivered the game to my door, I never thought I had seen enough to...

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Almost great? 0

Having just finished it, and being forced to pick a rating... four seems too generous, but it deserves more than three and I'd rather round up. I'm inclined to give it the half a star just for finally being released on PC (the port is serviceable, as well - not an upgrade over the now three-year-old console version, but performance is okay and it didn't crash).I played with a 360 controller, and managed well enough for someone who hasn't played that many "block and dodge and special move and etc...

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The Concrete Jungle 0

 Controlling a character that maneuvers environments with the skill of the animal he is named by and a partner who you occasionally carry but is not a burden should have been magnificent, but in the grand scale only come close. The handful of homage from Journey to the West come from character names and destination. A girl named Tripitaka, Trip for short, is captured by a slave ship and manages to both escape and enslave a guy named Monkey with a headband that will kill him if he disobeys her. T...

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the meh... 0

"Journey to the West is about Tang San Zang's journey to the west and the difficulties he and his disciples face in between. It is overflowing with magic, demons, gods, immortals, and scrumptious action and adventure! It has lots of humor and some angst as well. Monkey King Wu Kong and the other disciples, a pig demon Zhu Ba Jie and the river demon Sha Wu Jing, have to battle hordes of demons, who all want their master because his flesh will give immortality"  -

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The Hits and Misses: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 0

The HITS  Beautiful world. Enslaved is, if nothing else, one of the more memorable game worlds I have visited in a long time. Adding green to the now derivative "post-apocalyptic" setting was one of its strongest ideas and really helped keep a stagnating genre alive. Oftentimes, you are given Uncharted 2-like levels of beauty when staring off into the distance. For a multiplatform game, this is nothing to be scoffed at. Fantastic characters and storyline. With a game focusing ...

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A Game in Which Story Comes First 0

 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a game based around the idea that a game's story is equally or even more important than the overall gameplay. This holds true throughout the game as the well-written and well-acted cut-scenes and the exciting set-pieces prove to be the main things keeping you going through the game. The game's combat and platforming sequences are never bad or frustrating, but they aren't anything especially original or engaging either.The story focuses on Monkey, a survivor who'...

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The excitement doesn't live until the end 0

Enslaved Odyssey To The West Review Age Rating - 16+ (T) Release Date - US October 5, UK October 8  Story Aaah, Enslaved Odyssey To The West, a game that promises so much but doesn't live up to the expectations all the way to the end. You start off the game in a 'pod'. Monkey (You) tries to escape but can't, then there is a little explosion that has no effect at all and Monkey finds his way out of his pod and so the game begins. Your put into a simple, but enjoyable tutorial. Learning how to jum...

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a nice game, and it is worth getting if you can get it, and its DLC, on sale. 0

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a nice game, and it is worth getting if you can get it, and its DLC, on sale. Enslaved is a above average game, it isn't going to change your views on action adventure, or make you obsess with the source material (it is a reimaging of Journey to the West). But it is a fun experience that is easy to get into. The main thing holding this title back is that for everything that it does right, it also kind of does it wrong. Starting off the story for the game is a mix...

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Review: Enslaved: Odyssey To The West 0

The ancient Chinese fable, Journey to the West, has been adapted into many forms of media, with the most notable being the Japanese manga/cartoon, Dragon Ball. UK developer Ninja Theory takes this famous Chinese story and uses it as the basis of the plot in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. While the core tenets of the tale are present (Monkey themed protagonist, staff, cloud), the game is set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic New York that serves as a really interesting premise. In additi...

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review 0

Developed by the same team that created Heavenly Sword, developer Ninja Theory shows off all the goodies the Unreal Engine 3 can give us. Even though the visuals are something we can commonly find on our handheld games today, it was still a treat to see none the less.Enslaved takes the typical, post-apocalyptic setting and mixed in a variety of steam punk and futuristic, science fiction for its world. But as gorgeous as the world may look, the characters and their dialog is what stole the show f...

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A Journey to the west that must be taken! 0

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the west is a game with an awesome and different take on post-apocalyptic setting that is story driven and must be taken and not missed.  It is a story of 2 lead characters named Monkey and Trip.  By the way it starts the story you figure that Monkey is just going to be the big brut that is a brainless thug that the girl just bosses around.  This isn't the case in this game.  Monkey is pretty much the brain behind the hole story and ends up warming up the Trip as the sto...

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 0

Enslaved is a pretty weird game. It's a retelling of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, a story which has inspired countless other adaptations such as Dragon Ball, set in a future where society has been wiped out and the few remaining humans fight to survive against slavers and homicidal robots. It has a lot of platforming components to its basic gameplay, but it's literally impossible to fall to your death. The main character is a freakishly athletic shirtless man with facial t...

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A Game That's Better Than The Sum of its Parts 0

Ninja Theory's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West has been a largely overlooked title, which is a shame really. It's by no means perfect, but it does so many things right, most importantly in its astounding character development, that it manages to be something special and unique, despite aspects of it being somewhat derivative.The main story of Enslaved takes place in a post apocalyptic future filled with killer robots referred to as "Mechs" and revolves around two human characters: the tech-savvy f...

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Ninja Theory knows what they are doing! 0

Enslaved Odyssey to the West is a third person action game similar to Ninja Theory's second game Heavenly Sword for the PS3.   Enslaved plays differently then what Heavenly Sword in that Enslaved is an action plat former.   Does Ninja Theory have the talent to accomplish what they are trying to do in Enslaved or does it fall short? Enslaved takes place in a post apocalyptic world where you play Monkey.   The game picks up on a slave ship that is transporting slaves to a place called the Pyramid ...

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the epitome of rental 0

Although not a bad game the overall experience is short, unchallenging, and generally shallow.    As your introduced to the combat it seems well enough but when the game is over you realize that nothing really changed. The same button mashing you do at the beginning will serve you well to the end. With the only incentive to mix it up being to see the different strike animations play out.    The characters look relatively nice and the world is a nice vibrant spin on the dystopia theme, until the ...

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Have Your Collar Back Girl 0

Capsule Summary:With lessons learned from their prior work, Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory pays homage to Naughty Dog's Uncharted series of games while loosely following the story of one of the classics of Chinese literature, Journey to the West.Review:Game development, like any endeavor, is iterative. Each game borrows to some degree from the games that preceded it, and there is no penalty for that among gamers so long as the latest version improves on the inspiration. The game from which Enslave...

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Ensalved has a amazing story even when the game isnt 2

  Enslaved review Enslaved was made by the developer of heavenly sword (ninja theory) and it shows in their game for better or worse. Giving you the great story telling and setting the bar for games yet also having the heavily sword button mashing combat and simple plat forming.   The game is set in a post apoplectic future where humans are struggling to survive and contently stalked by slaver who wants to make human slaves and robots who just want to kill humans. The game opens with you...

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A masterpiece that loses some luster upon approach 0

Enslaved is one of the most frustrating games I have played in quite some time. Not because it is a bad game, quite the contrary, it is one of the most engaging and interesting games to come out this year. What really bothered me about Enslaved were the consistent technical problems that I encountered, ranging from small and excusable to utterly distracting. The game has huge ambitions, both technically and from a story telling aspect, but comes just short of achieving what could have been a mas...

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the west of my Heart 0

From the moment you boot up Ninja Theory's newest action adventure, you get the sense that you are at the beginning of something quite special. Our protagonists, Monkey and Trip are on a journey where the player is tasked with returning Trip to her home and finding out who and what is exactly behind all of the mechanised monsters that have taken over and "enslaved" the world. For the most part, the gameplay is quite solid and gives the player traversal skills are akin to that of the Prince of Pe...

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Plenty of personality, but not a lot else 0

Ninja Theory is no stranger to a good combat oriented action game. Just look at their last offering, Heavenly Sword and you can see they have chops for this sort of work. In keeping with that “theory” (See what I did there!) Enslaved is their next attempt to tap some market success, seeing as Heavenly Sword fell far short of that mark. But Enslaved will also fail to get them recognized. There is an obvious amount of effort and personality put into this game but the cracks are just too prominent ...

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review 1

By -- Richard J.For the first time in quite a while, I've gone into an Xbox 360 game without any pre conceived notions. In a world with the internet, gaming podcasts, and video game previews, this is a nearly impossible occurrence. Without knowing what to expect, Enslaved definitely surprised me. After completing the game, I knew it was a good surprise. Enslaved is one of those games that despite some big flaws, I can still highly recommend.As soon as Enslaved starts, it ropes you in with its st...

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Monkeying Around the Apocalypse 0

 With so many details to love about  Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, the moment that really struck me is one of the most intangible yet core elements that games seem to be missing these days. Right in the middle of my adventure when I successfully fended off another horde of mechs in destructive slow motion glory, I realized that I was having a blast playing this game. It isn't immediately apparent, as it takes a while to see through its quirks and borrowed gameplay and story elements, but when ...

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Enslaved: 2010 Best game no one played 0

Enslaved is a 3rd person action adventure game similar in many ways to the Uncharted games. With its fantastically realized world, great characters, fun gameplay and some of the best acting you'll find in a game it really deserves more attention. Unfortunately despite its high production values and big name Hollywood talent it did very poor sales and now retails for $20 less than half a year after its release. Shrinkable giant pole. Check. Enslaved is very loosely based on the Chinese Monkey Kin...

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Five Word Review 0

Full-length reviews present an off-putting challenge for me. I labor over word, sentence, and grammatical choices to the point of exhaustion. These five-word reviews are my solace; I hope you appreciate the brevity.WorthwhileTouchingAnimatedBalancedChoppy...

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Enslaved Odyssey To The West Review 0

In my opinion....The game is epic, concerning art/visuals. The characters, the levels and the machines etc are extremely vibrant and I found it almost impossible to find a level that was awful looking and not done well. The game is a button masher, climb here, climb there, tap tap, on to the next part, if you don’t mind that great, but it does become quite boring.The story itself is great, it’s not amazing or outstanding, but it is great, the characters are good in themselves and for me personal...

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An ignored gem 0

Any game with a budget instantly goes for the all-out epic approach, trying to throw the kitchen sink and some kind of cataclysmic event that only you can face. Ninja Theory wisely spent their budget instead on an intimate, highly polished little game. It feels like it starts after some kind of epic, with the planet completely abandoned, killer robots prowling the street and the protagonists in shackles. After an impressive first level the plot of the game is set up. Is it to eradicate the robot...

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Fantastic story-telling with some slightly underwhelming combat 0

If the first twenty minutes don't prove that developers can write incredible dialoge and story seguences in to an action plat-former, I don't know what will. Some of the best voice acting and facial emoting ever grace the beginning of this slightly unbalanced adventure. No doubt anyone who plays this game will remember most the startling good opening sequence and genuinely moving cut scene that follows. It's a great moment in video gaming.<br /> What comes next is a modestly disappointing ...

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More Fun than a...I can't do it... 0

  Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is the latest effort from Ninja Theory, developers of Heavenly Sword.   The concept is loosely based on the legend of Sun Wukong, the protagonist in a classical Chinese work entitled Journey to the West.   Though not having read the original, I suspect it contained far fewer giant mechanical dogs.   It’s also not the first game to take advantage of this established mythos, and it likely won’t be the last.   Still, Ninja Theory does an excellent job of ma...

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Enslaved Review 0

Enslaved puts you in the shoes of a prisoner by the name of Monkey, and shortly after the opening cinematics its painfully obvious why he's named that. You'll be spending a very large portion of the game jumping from pole to hand hold, to ledge, and more. You'll also be doing all of this for a girl named Trip. She's sort of this technology hacker who just wants to get home. You will be battling tons of different robots, which they call Mechs in the game. Will you be able to survive all that stan...

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Stunning! 0

Yes Enslaved is a great game, but not only does the game suck you into its story but visually the game is amazing. Well after you get passed the texture popping in from the out dated Unreal engine! But minus that minor set back, and sometimes on larger scale boss fights the camera seems looks lose you in the fight allowing the AI to get you . The games has a very good voice acting! The facial expressions seem so real, I haven't seen a game do this since Uncharted 2 days! A lot of people say this...

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Enslaved, one of the most memorable games of 2010 0

 Nowhere in the gameplay does Enslaved: Odyssey to the West ever try to set itself apart from similar games. You will fight, block, evade, and counter-attack. You will jump from ledge to ledge, handhold to handhold. What is different is the reasons why you are doing these actions: you will not fight or jump because the core mechanics are such a joy to use, but rather because of the incredibly realized characters and environments.    Enslaved starts things off right with an explosive opening s...

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Enslaved Review 0

Going into Ninja Theory’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West I knew that it got a lot of praise for its combat system, so I was very excited to experience it myself when its turn came in my Gamefly que. For the most part the game held up to the hype I think. It could have used a little more in the way of  innovation, but all the same a good game.My first hour with the game was very promising, you can check out my thoughts on that here. The game starts off well enough, slowly introducing you to more g...

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Good Humor and Goregous Scenes Make up for the Frustrating Camera 0

To be honest I am a little bit surprised at the apparent glowing reviews this game seems to be getting. I will admit that it certainly did not receive the attention it should have last year, but it certainly does not stand on its own as a AAA title.   The quick synopsis of the story is that you play as Monkey, a hulky, top heavy man with a vocal sense of cynicism to everything that is going on around him. He is enslaved by  a 20 something looking teenager (they do say she is a teen in the game f...

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An Uneasy Alliance in an Uneasy World 0

Most Post-Apocalyptic games feature a war torn world with a cast of vulnerable humans battling one another while holding back various types of radiated creatures. In Enslaved, the end of the world comes from Mechs taking over, but the world is lush and vibrant albeit still full of danger.  Monkey is a man who can handle danger, but still managed to find himself captured by a slave ship. It seems his luck is about to run out when Trip, a tech savvy lady manages to escape from her pod and release...

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Review - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 0

    If you’ve read any of my blogs you’ll know that I am not too shy about admitting my love for Ninja Theory. This is only their second release, but that doesn’t mean that this developer doesn’t know what they’re doing. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a fantastic game with a few technical issues that barely hinder it from being a contender for game of the year. Its story is gripping and emotional; its mechanics are fluid and responsive; and it’s generally a blast to play through. Story ...

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