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Ephemia is a satellite planet of the larger planet Fodra. It is split into three main continents, with three nations.


The home country of most of the main cast. Windor's landscapes are lush and green all around, thanks to their valkines cryas which emits wind eleth. It is a monarchy that resembles medieval Europe. The areas of Windor are managed through a feudal system of individual lords for each land, each acting autonomous while also being loyal to the crown. The country's motto is "May the wind guide our blades". Windor is on bad terms with Fendel, and there are often border skirmishes between the two nations.

Despite having the most favorable climate and living conditions, Windor is the least technologically advanced nation on Ephemia.


A desert nation resembling Middle Eastern countries. They are led by a president who is voted on. They are a very wealthy nation whose capital is like a paradise in the middle of the desert. Their valkines cryas, which emits water eleth, is malfunctioning.


A snowy nation which resembles Russia. Though the most technologically advanced of all the nations, possessing firearms and battle-tanks, the common people of Fendel are mostly in poverty and struggling to get by. Their valkines cryas, which emites fire eleth, is hard to extract from. In addition, cryas from Fendel is very unstable and can easily combust, causing large damage even from a small shard. These factors are the main cause of their people's poverty.

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