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"Android" was featured in the first pack, as well as the shareware version of the game.

Epic Pinball is a Pinball compilation game for PC, it was developed by Digital Extremes and released in 1993. The game plays similarly to other pinball game on the PC. The boards contained special bonus points and instant ball killers, as well special ball physics changing items. In the Enigma board, each death would spawn a ball of a different color, including a ball that was the exact color of the board being played.

There are 13 total boards in Epic Pinball, which came in three different packs. The shareware version, as well as some early versions of the game came with only one table - Android. Included in one of the table packs was a tribute to one of Epic's earlier games, Jill of the Jungle.


The following is a list of all tables that were included in the game.

Pack One

  • Android
  • Pot of Gold
  • Excalibur
  • Crash and Burn

Pack Two

  • Magic
  • Jungle Pinball
  • Deep Sea
  • Enigma

Pack Three

  • Cyborgirl
  • Pangaea
  • Space Journey
  • Toy Factory

Additional Table

  • African Safari

This final table was included with the CD-ROM version of the game, which also included the twelve other tables listed above.

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