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Master Eraqus is the Keyblade Master overseeing the training of the apprentices Terra, Aqua, and Ventus in Kingdom Hearts:  Birth by Sleep.  He, along with Master Xehanort, oversees the examination that Terra and Aqua undertake at the beginning of the game, and determines that Aqua is ready to become a Keyblade master.  However, when he receives word from Master Yen Sid that Unversed are running about the various worlds, he orders both Aqua and Terra to deal with them.  He also asks Aqua to keep an eye on Terra for his own safety.
In the English language version of Birth by Sleep, Eraqus is voiced by Mark Hamill.


Eraqus's name is the reversed spelling of  " Square," half the name of the game's developer Square-Enix.  The name is similar in nature to that of Yen Sid's , which is the reversed spelling of " Disney."  He is also said to bear a strong resemblance to Final Fantasy creator and former Square employee Hironobu Sakaguchi Tetsuya Nomura stated that it was a coincidence and he himself did not notice until a coworker pointed it out.  

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