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Eri is the mother of a young child named Yuuta, who is at the daycare centre which the protagonist can choose to work at.

Social link

Eri's social link is that of the Temperance Arcana. After visiting the Day care centre twice, you are introduced to her, and her "Son" Yuuta. She has recently moved to Inaba after marrying her husband, however it turns out he has recently had to work overseas, leaving her to bring up her stepson alone. Throughout the social link, it is made evident that she cannot connect with Yuuta, and has a hard time trying to raise him. The other mothers see her as a bad parent. Prior to meeting him, she wasn't told by her husband that she would have to raise him. As the social link progresses, she becomes more friendly with Yuuta, finally winning him over with a "Featherman Ranger J" action figure. With the help of the protagonist, the family are brought together and they decide to take Yuuta out of day care so she can spend more time with him, becoming a true family. The characters of Yuuta and Eri can strike a parallel with Dojima and Nanako, as both cope with the internal struggle of family.

When the social link is maximized, it allows the creation of Vishnu of the Temperance Arcana, with the item "Clover bookmark" 
The Temperance Arcana

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