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First featured in Castlevania: Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis, Eric Lecarde was one of two characters (the other being John Morris) the player could choose to travel across several countries in order to prevent the resurrection of lord Dracula.  In this game, Eric wielded a large halberd known as the "Alcarde Spear" which allowed him to reach high areas unreachable by his counterpart. 

 Eric as "Wind."
Eric would not make another appearance in a Castlevania game until Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, in which he appeared as a mysterious ghost first referred to as "Wind".  He aided the son of his fellow vampire hunter and friend, Jonathan Morris, by providing information on the Vampire Killer whip's true powers, not to mention providing him with various other skills to help him through the reconstructed Castlevania.  He later reveals himself to be Eric Lecarde, and that his daughters are the witch twins under the power of the vampire lord Brauner.  At the end of the game, with Brauner and Dracula defeated, his daughters freed, and Castlevania destroyed, Eric's soul was finally put to rest.

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