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His muttonchops are rumored to be the source of his strength. Should they be shorn, legend dictates, he would be forced to reveal the location of the Lost City of Atlantis.


  • Twitter name is @MrPope.
  • Loves Nicolas Cage.
  • Kept the "Nic Cage promise" with Alex Navarro and John Drake. Which does not include kidnapping Nic Cage to the basement and have him recite every line in the movie The Rock. Rather, to watch all of Nicolas Cage's 2010 movies on opening night together. The promise has since been continued into 2011.
  • Rarely goes out in public without his flat cap and muttonchops.
  • Enjoys seeing people humping trash
  • Is a huge fan of cornholing, if you know what I'm saying.
  • Is an enemy of good food on account of his dislike for sandwiches.
  • Is racist, according to Ryan Davis.
  • Knows no equal in the craft of Twitter tag euphemism. ("Black Death is probably what people should have seen instead of Season of the Witch. #SeanBeanBone")
  • Tugs nuggs and chugs.
  • Attempted Ryan Davis' 100 Chicken McNuggets challenge during the Big Live Live Show: Live 3, but failed.
  • 50% of the time he does make any sense which can be attributed to his home state of Maine.
  • Is really, really into tribute videos about dead child stars. Way too into.
  • Was almost named 'Graeme' at birth, and wishes that he had been.

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