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Eric was on a quest to find the holy sword before ending up stuck in Creed's desktop kingdom. When you complete the story segment with evil spirit, Creed will let you select from one of four characters to take with you on your quest. Your choices are between Eric, Randolf the warrior, Karna the priest and Tyrin the mage.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Eric may be the strongest natural knight in the game. His stats beat out Higins, Chester and Rick. This comes with the drawback on not being able to choose a character such as Karna or Tyrin that may be much more beneficial for your force. There is no lack of knights in Shining Force and at this point in your game, the player will already have access to two. Eric does make the strongest Pegasus Knight but that again eliminates the ability to have Karna as a devastatingly powerful Master Monk until much later in the game when the recruitment of the other three characters have been made available.


Pre-Promotion: Knight (KNTE)


  • Paladin (PLDN)
  • Pegasus Knight (PGNT) with the Pegasus Wing

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