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Esbern is one of the few surviving members of The Blades. He was The Blades archivist and loremaster before their decline. He predicted the return of Alduin and managed to retain several key pieces of lore pertaining to dragons when he was forced into hiding by the Thalmor. Esbern acts as a guide and adviser to the Dovahkiin during the events surrounding the main quest line of Skyrim. He reveals the location of Alduin’s Wall, inside the Skyhaven Temple, and is instrumental in the resurrection of The Blades as dragon slayers in Skyrim.

After he has relocated to the Skyhaven Temple Esbern will provide the player with the ‘Dragonslayer’s Blessing’ - a temporary buff that provides a 10% increased critical hit change vs. dragons. It lasts for five days and can renewed by talking to Esbern again.

Esbern is voiced by Max von Sydow.

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