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Escapee GO! is a DsiWare title that involves maze-based, 2d gameplay with single and multi-player.


Escapee GO! follows Claire, a girl trapped in an asylum with no recognition of who she is. She awakens with a strange voice in her head that tells her she needs to escape. She uses various psychic powers to sense and evade the people hunting her and get closer to freedom.


The game is a relaitvely simple one. The D-pad moves Claire in various directions. The B button is used to sprint. Sprinting is tied to a stamina gauge that replenishes when the button is released and Claire is walking and even faster when she is stationary. Claire has a sort of psychic radar around her whose radius shrinks when she walks and shrinks even smaller when she's sprinting. This creates a more dynamic gameplay in making the player decide when its best to stand still and asses enemy positions more braodly or hurrying towards the goal to beat the time-limit.
Various power-ups can be picked up throughout the mazes and one can be stored at a time. The A button is used to activate them. They range from giving you unlimited stamina to doubling your radar's radius.

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