Eschalon series worth it?

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I'm getting pretty deep into Avernum 6, and went over to Jeff Vogel's blog, where he praises the Eschalon series pretty highly. Just wondering if anyone's played this one or Book I and whether it's worth the gander.
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I am actually playing book one right, now and find my self hooked. The story is compelling, the combat is fun its a turn based without a turn based menu which is refreshing, actually fun as hell. I have yet to play book two, I hear its even better and actually the Dev's are putting out an "expansion" for free to add 5-10 hours of gameplay to book 2. It's basically some underground dungeon with more information on the Oraduk (race in the game). Also although its not official news, the dev's have stated that they are highly considering a book 3 to finish the series. They made enough money to start it, they are just waiting for more promotion on book 2 since it hasn't really been out to long yet.

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Good question, like to know the answer

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