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The map is based around a villa in a forest, near the Georgian-Russian border, and is taken from the Modern Warfare campaign. The map consists of a large countryside estate, and a nearby power plant which powers it. The encounters on this map are very random. Encounters made inside the house are very close quarter confrontations. These occur often due to the fact it is a valuable lookout point, giving snipers a good view over the paths that are used to flank though the back of the estate and the general paths enemies use to get from the spawning point to the entrance and basement of the estate.


 Map showing the points of interest in Estate
Due to the fact the estate gives direct access to lookout points which overview the waterside, the power plant and the greenhouse in the backyard, the estate itself is the most valuable point of the map. 
There are 4 ways to get inside the estate. There is an open basement and staircase leading up to the kitchen, and opening up various ways to flank the defenders, although they are usually in this room or covering it. The second way is original point of entrance to the estate, the front door. Usually covered from the living room from the right, which snipers also use as a lookout, from the stairs and from the kitchen to the left. The third entrance, the backside, is the biggest. It has 3 points of entrance. The backside has a opening into a sun space, providing access to the back of the living room and to the backside of the kitchen, giving you the option to choose the best way to flank. There is another entrance at the backside of the building, leading to the second floor. This way is very useful for flanking the people that are defending the living room and front door, opening up the main entrance to the building. The last entrance is tricky. The windows that are in the living room, overlooking the power plant and staff residence, can be entered by walking up to them from the outside. This is a dangerous and tricky way, seeming there could be snipers on the lookout, and climbing renders you unable to shoot for a short period of time, and you are very visible from the outside of the house. If successful it could provide the opportunity to take down multiple people covering the front door, kitchen and backside. It also provides a clear way to the staircase leading up to the second floor.

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