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Estellise is the herione of Tales of Vesperia. In the castle Estellise meets encounters Yuri down in the prisons where Yuri was put, Yuri asks her if she would like to join him to travel the world of a journey, Estelle had been kept in the castle for such a long time and yearned to travel the world, Estellise begins to separate herself from her sad world and begins to speak out and take action as well as beginning to communicate with others more.

In Battle

There is always someone with pink hair in these games, and this time it's Estellise!

Estellise is a very important person to have in battle being the only healer that we have seen of so far, Estellise user a sword or a rapier to attack her enemies and incorporates moves that Colette had, Estellise is able to use healing magic such as first aid allowing for others not to have to use gels but she is not just one of those back up characters, just like Colette she is able to use her MP and waste it all...literally ALL her MP at once, her skills are just like Colette's mostly because you already see a Toy Hammer or...Pow Pow Hammer as it is, Estellise is a great all around person to have and is able to take care of her self most of the time.


You don't need to nurse her...most of the time.

Estellise was kept inside the castle for her sword training for a long time and since then had not been able to communicate with many people outside of the castle until he meets Yuri, Estellise after meeting Yuri and traveling with him meeting new people outside of the barriers have allowed her to open up more and take action upon her words. There may also be a relationship between both Estellise and Yuri.

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