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A completely misunderstood game that is better than people say. 0

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600 is infamous for being considered one of the worst games ever. I say this is pure and absolute nonsense. ET is a well-designed adventure game that can be frustrating initially, but is solid, fun and technologically impressive once you know how to play it.The basic object of the game is to find three pieces of ET's phone so that he can phone home and board his spaceship. He is aided by Elliott, and pursued by an FBI agent who will steal a piece of his ...

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Terrible Game 0

Gameplay is nonsensical and just not fun to play. There are reasons this game is considered to be the worst game of all-time, and it is. Most cartridges came back because it was rushed and terrible. This is just for the extra characters so don't think I'm stupid: SJHGDHSGSGHGSFfsdhgefdhagahgdhgae23878298479ejhgd3yugfdxd';vv.fpdlyu47833473ui38ujui34ehgei7y3g48rbfbbbf8b84bb789fuee54e54f5f45gd4fdfgydydeyweyeuwerbhgddbhbcnbdnbsjdhwkjuhdamamdhyweuykeu973894757ydfncbnsbcmhyuikedgdsdgdhdgjkhksdgakuyhj...

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