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Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side is a 2D fighting game developed by Sega Interactive Development Division and published by Sega (via their mature-oriented Deep Water label) for the Sega CD on February 5, 1995. It is an updated version of the 1993 Genesis game Eternal Champions, adding new fighters (including nine secret characters), new game modes, video cutscenes, CD-quality soundtrack, and new deadly finishing moves (amping up the amount of graphic violence and gore).

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The game offered a different presentation from other games at the time by having fully animated cut scenes throughout the game depicting the story.. The game features a cast of fighters larger than that of other fighting games at the time, each with their own specific moves and traits, and with an extensive cast of unlock-able characters which you earn access too as you progress though the game. Each fighter has a fully animated killing move (called an "overkill), similar to Mortal Kombat, along with sudden deaths, character specific "vendetta" kills and prerendered CineKills.

The game features a standard single player tournament mode and an extensive number of modifiers to the versus mode. Modes available for versus include: Russian roulette (randomly kill a opponent), sell your soul (winning player gets the loser's character) and dual mode (play as two characters at the same time).


The story line, use of full motion video cut scenes through out the game and diverse pool of characters (including animals) has lead to Challenge From the Dark Side becoming a cult classic .


Returning Characters

New Characters

  • Sophia de Medici, "Riptide" (an Italian pirate from 1566 A.D.)
  • Ramses III (an ancient pharaoh from 1151 B.C.)
  • Raven Gindar (a voodoo priestess/healer from 1820 A.D.)
  • Dawson McShade (a Wild West gambler-turned-deputy from 1849 A.D.)
  • Dark Champion (final boss and secret playable character)
  • Thomas Chavez, "Blast" (secret playable character, an American "green beret" special forces agent from 1955 A.D.)
  • Chin Wo (secret playable character, a kung-fu acupuncturist from 1815 A.D.)
  • Thanatos (secret playable character, the Greek god of death, made mortal in 1692 A.D.)
  • Senator (secret playable character, a corrupt American politician from 1995 A.D.)
  • Crispy the Chicken (secret playable character)
  • Hooter the Owl (secret playable character)
  • Slither the Snake (secret playable character)
  • Yappy the Dog (secret playable character)
  • Zuni the Monkey (secret playable character)

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