Is there a game manual?

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I have a puzzling question. I recently ordered a brand new copy of Eternal Darkness off of Amazon from one of their dealers. It arrived in what was obviously factoring plastic wrap but when I opened it there was no manual inside. Now, I know this game is all about the psychological horror so it occurs to me that maybe they didn't include one to mess with people.

So, basically does Eternal Darkness have a manual?

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I would think it would have to. It's possible you bought a used one. It's a weird game to have that problem with 'cause, yeah... what if they're just fucking with you?

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Yes, this is what I'm wondering. Since the entire gimmick of the game is that it makes you think your TV or Gamecube is messed up maybe they start with just not giving you a manual. Start the mind messing early.

It's entirely possible I got a used one. However, if so then whoever had it took immaculate care of the disc and rewrapped it to factory specs. It even had the folded corners of the plastic.

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I dont know where you're from, but my european copy of the game has a manual.

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I have an Eternal Darkness manual, so I can confirm that it does exist.
However, I do not own a copy of the game. Are you sure you're not making this game up?

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Yes, I can confirm, as others have, that the game does have a manual. It's pretty cool looking, resembles the tome of Eternal Darkness.

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