Nintendo Re-Trademark Eternal Darkness

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#2 Posted by Bucketdeth (8234 posts) -

If there is a sequel to this game, I may have to buy a Wii again.

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I really don't see how Eternal Darkness would benefit from a "New Play Control" version regardless of whether we're talking gameplay or sales, so I'm betting it's either brand protection or an upcoming sequel. Really hope it's the latter.

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Too bad Silicon Knights is too busy on... whatever the fuck they're doing. I'm thinking it's just to protect the brand.

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David Ellis on some 1UP video said that an Etenral Darkness game was in production. But he was drunk. Coincidence though?

#6 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12727 posts) -

For all the excitement about the brand, I don't know if I would play another Eternal Darkness. I played the first game recently, and found it to be a somewhat clunky but still decent Action-Adventure game that you can totally tell was originally for the N64 with a sanity mechanic that becomes null and void once you learn the "Restore Sanity" Spell. Maybe it was awesome in 2002. I don't know.

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Although I love Too Human I still haven't played this game. I should really get on that.

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Considering Nintendo Patented the 'Sanity' System years ago, this could be a new game, but i'm thinking it will be one of those 'new play control' games. All i know is, Denis Dyack ain't touching this unless he removes himself from Microsoft (they ARE a 2nd party still right?)

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