We need another game where you go insane.

#1 Posted by Cloneslayer (1743 posts) -

 I want to see what they can do with the insanity stuff.
I loved the first time I saw all the ways you could go insane in this game. I literally flipped out when the game told me to go buy the sequel about 3 hours in, or when my charactered was loading in on the ceiling. It was something that was unique and I've never seen since then. Its time to bring it back!

#2 Posted by Illmatic (1380 posts) -

Arkham Asylum is another example of insanity and toying with the gamer done right. The false button press prompt was awesome both in its comedy and in the fact that I asked myself where the hell those buttons were before realizing what was going on in game. It would definitely be interesting to see this concept played throughout an entire game again this generation. Of course, it'd be better if it was unexpected and not a spoiled selling point.

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