What do you think about an Eternal Darkness Sequel?

#1 Posted by l1qu1d (8 posts) -

As a big fan of both Silicon Knights and the 1up Yours podcast, it's a given that I've listened to every episode that features Denis Dyack (President and CEO of SK).  On several occasions, the cast of 1up Yours has hinted and suggested the desire for an ED sequel.  Denis has neither confirmed or denied that such a game is in the works, so naturally that gives us Eternal Darkness fans a shred of hope.  So, my question(s) to you:

1) Would you want a sequel to Eternal Darkness?
2) What ideas for sanity effects do you have?

Have fun with your answers :)

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I'm not really sure how I feel about a sequel. I think that the first one is a fantastic game and I think the story pretty much wraps itself up.

I guess if there was a sequel we could have an entire new set of characters... I just don't know what direction they could take a new story in.

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I would love a new Lovecraft-inspired game by SK. I don't think it necessarily has to be ED 2, they'd have to ditch a lot form the first ED anyway. The controls and camera are just unacceptable today. Denis also always said, that he like to do very different games and SK never really did a lot of sequels, every game they made is very different. So, I think a Lovecraft game in general is possible, but a real ED sequel rather unlikely.

I just want them to use the sanity system again, it was brilliant. One effect I'd love, love, love on the XBox would simply be the screen going black and three rings shining red ;)

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Damn you DerBonk, that was exactly the sanity effect I had in mind!

I'd link to it if I could recall where I read it, but Dyack said several years ago that the story of Eternal Darkness is such that an unlimited number of sequels is possible. Just like Lovecraft's loosely related stories (collectively known as the "mythos"), Eternal Darkness sequels could take place within the same reality, but wouldn't necessarily have to focus on the same characters. In those 1000 years that took place in the first game, a lot of other things were probably going on at the same time. There's infinite room for other gods, alien races, dimensions, time periods, etc. Alex and Pious' story is just one sequence of events. Some really crazy stuff could happen in the same period of time elsewhere on the planet. There's really no limit to what they could have in the sequel.

The only thing I would worry about is that the sequel doesn't live up to the original. The two games should at least be similar in spirit, but not 100% identical in gameplay and overall story design. Also, they'll have to come up with some new insanity effects. The old ones are too well known by now. I'd try and suggest some insanity effects of my own, but I'd rather not think about it and be surprised by what they come up with.

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