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An ultimately enjoyable, if light, jRPG 0

It's hard to find a place to start when talking about Eternal Sonata. On one hand, it leaves a great first impression by offering an aesthetically and musically brilliant world to fall into, yet on the other, the unique combat system takes a quite a while to gel. Interlacing the two you have a very linear progression, and a story that at times can feel more like a vehicle for its often preachy morals. The game takes place inside the mind of renowned composer Frederic Francois Chopin, who is on h...

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Review From a S-Rank Perspective 0

So the other day I finally finished my S-Rank on Eternal Sonata. It took me 32~ hours on my first playthrough, and 27~ hours on my second. I believe I got to see and experience pretty much everything in the game, so I decided to write a review of the game.  So yeah, first things first; I wouldn't spend a total of 59~ hours on a game I didn't enjoy to some extent. The graphics are truly great, the story somewhat keeps your focus, and the (plenty of) voiceacting was good. I'd say that Eternal Sona...

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A wonderful escape into a world of color, music, and simple charm 2

Eternal Sonata, from Japanese developer tri-Crescendo, is a game that offers you a world of fantasy, wonder, and undeniable charm. Having mostly played only western RPGs, a JRPG like this was bit of a change and new experience for me, and one that I must say I enjoyed quite a bit. The first thing that you’ll notice when you boot up the game is of course the visuals. This is easily one of the most beautiful games that I have ever played, and the colorful vibrant world will immediately charm...

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Eternal Sonata: A classic game for fans of JRPGs 0

Eternal Sonata is a Japanese roleplaying game of the Xbox 360, which is simply adorable. It plays in a similar way to many other games in the genre, but adds a few new twists in terms of it combat system, bringing a breath of fresh air. Firstly the design of the game is very similar to Japanese anime - cute characters, bright and beautiful backdrops, and the usual silly comic moments are all thrown into the mix. The graphics aren't going to amaze anyone; there are no fantastic textures etc, but...

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A classic that proved the Xbox 360 could handle JRPGs. 0

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will say I have a biased towards this game as I am a lover of classical music and Chopin happens to be one of my favorite composers. Considering the game revolves around him as well as music in general, I may have a slight bias. ;-)Eternal Sonata is a story that takes place within the imagination of the famed composer and pianist, Frédéric Chopin, as he lay on his deathbed. Within the dream world, the game tells the tale of a young girl with a terminal illness...

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Eternal Sonata was a linear mess with repetitive combat. 0

I had alot of fun with Eternal Sonata.. for the first two chapters. I was expecting a game that started off with a couple main characters, and then you followed through with them til the end. That did not happen. My fondest memories of this game will forever be with the first couple chapters, that is before the game turn into a total mess with me. That is when you had a solid group of likeable characters with a goal. At the end of the 2nd chapter you're met with your 6th playable character. You ...

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A charming and colorful JRPG with a very different story 0

Eternal Sonata defies description in many ways although it very much follows in the traditional footsteps of Japanese RPGs. Alot of credit goes to Tri-Crescendo for crafting a game around a story that many people would think could be incredibly boring, but instead brims with color, emotion and spirituality.The story centers around the famous classical composer Frederic Chopin as he lays dying, still young but struck with some ailment. In his mind Chopin has created a dream world that he inhabits...

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Yes, it's strange. Play it. 0

I love the music of Frederic Chopin. He is my favorite composer of piano music, no contest. But when I saw that there was a game where he was a playable character? Well, I thought that was strange. But whatever - I've played so many strange games over the years that playing a game set in the fever dreams of 19th century composer hardly phases me. And this game? I love it. It's not the best RPG ever, but it just has so much charm! The game looks great, with hand drawn backdrops in every scene. Th...

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Game Review for “Eternal Sonata” (Xbox 360) – Highly Recommended 0

Eternal Sonata came out some time ago, but as with many games, I missed it due to the high volume of games that I attempt to play. Every year there is a stack of un-played games that just seems to get ever taller. It was mostly on impulse that I tried out Eternal Sonata, a classical music themed JRPG by the developer tri-Crescendo, and I am certainly glad that I did. It is certainly one of the more beautiful games I have played with well fleshed out and rendered characters and a lush world to su...

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The True Xbox 360 RPG 0

WARNING:May contain Spoilers and/or Bad Language!   I first heard of this game as "Trusty Bell" and didn't think anything of it because it was a music RPG.  After playing the demo on Xbox LIVE, I was very impressed.  As a RPG fan, I had to pick this up.  As any RPG, you will play multiple characters throughout the story.  You can customise the weapons and accessories of each character.  Strangely enough, you can't equip different clothing items.The main feature of this game is the "Party Level" ...

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Eternal Sonata - Cheesy but playable 0

If you enjoy sweet, even sappy, JRPGs where the world shines like a sort of CG animated Candy Land then Eternal Sonata is likely the game for you. However, if you're somewhat ambivalent toward the more emotion heavy JPRGs, or if you require a stiff challenge from your RPGs then there is a good chance that Eternal Sonata isn't the game for you. Eternal Sonata tells the story of Frederic Chopin's life and final days on his death bed and a world that he may or may not be imagining in his sleep. Th...

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hmmmmmmm 2

this game started out being quite fun!! i was immediately in love with its interestingly difficult battle styles. however, once i had adjusted to it it became clear that this game is nothing more than mashing the A button until your turn time is up, then quickly tying it off with the Y button. the game tries its best to convince you that echoes are amazing, and they are intense, but getting that last notch to 32 simply takes way to long to equal out the damage you could have done without waiting...

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Beautiful icing on a rancid cake 0

There are tons of reviews and product descriptions so I'm only going to go into things that I praise or dislike.  I won't dwell on specifics about the story or game play mechanics, since you’ve likely read about them over and over again, unless its exceptionally good or bad.  This review will also be 100% spoiler free.The Story...  The story in this game is actually pretty interesting.  It incorporates themes like war, environmentalism and even corporations vs small businesses.  My issue however...

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Preachy, Learning, Doable 0

This game has it's good points: 1. The achievement points are doable, even though they take almost 2 full playthroughs to get. Most of the achievements are for storyline points, although the most weighty points are gained in the 2nd playthrough with much patience. 2. The graphics are wonderful and the music appropriate. The battle theme was about the only song that started getting on my nerves. Classic Reg. Battle, Important Story Battle, Surprise Boss Battle, etc. themes going on. 3. You can le...

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Eternal Sonata Review.... 0

Eternal Sonata is a typical JRPG with gorgeous cel-shaded graphics, and a unique combat system. First of all... If you don't like JRPGs stop reading this review, because this game will do nothing to change your mind. On the other hand if you do like them you might find quite a few things to like in this game. Let me break it down for you....The Graphics are gorgeous.Graphics: The graphics are beautifully done in this game the Art design they choose gives the game an undeniable charm and that rea...

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Symphonic Bliss 0

                I try to like JRPGs, I really do! The outstanding art design prevalent in them and the epic story scope always get me hyped about different JRPGs, but, in the end, I just get bored with them, and unfortunately, the same happens for me in “Eternal Sonata.” First off, let me say that the animation style in this game is great. It really makes you feel like you’re playing a Japanese anime. The story is also, in my opinion, outstanding albeit a little cookie-cutter. I think the main d...

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An RPG masterpiece with historical flavor 0

Bandai Namco’s Eternal Sonata is a game that I was reluctant to play at first.  It had amazing graphics, but I was worried about the content of the story.  The mediocre reviews the game received gave me even less of a reason to try it.  After a few months passed, a friend recommended it to me, and since he was a big fan of RPGs, I took his advice, and purchased the game.  A couple months later, I finished what would become my favorite RPG on Xbox360.  Eternal Sonata is different than what most...

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Slightly innovative turn-based JRPG still gets repetititve 0

Eternal Sonata features absolutely marvelous piano music, and a story that shows parallels with Chopin's live in the Polish  "great emigration". The entire storyline is absolutely ingeneous, even though the part that plays in Chopin's dream suffers from the typical Japanese overacting. The novelty is the real-time turn-based attack scheme, and the party levels. I like both. Still the game gets repetitive, and after months of playing intermittently, I'm still stuck in some sort of tower with all ...

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