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Ethlin, a character that appears in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, was born in Granbell. She was raised in Chalphy castle, alongside her older brother Sigurd. At a young age, she and her brother lost their mother and Ethlin did her best to fill in for her, taking care of her father and brother. Some time before the events of Seisen no Keifu, she fell in love with Cuan of the kingdom of Lenster and married him.

When Chalphy is attacked by the bandit armies of Verdane, she encourages her husband Cuan to ride to Sigurd's aid, though he needs little encouragement being good friends with his brother-in-law. Later, near the end of Sigurd's campaign in Augustria, Ethlin reveals to her husband that she had been holding onto his bloodline's legendary weapon, the Gae Bolg spear. Though Cuan is upset that Ethlin would keep something from him, he ultimately understands that it was out of her fear for the alleged curse surrounding the weapon. Ethlin returns to Lenster with Cuan near the end of Sigurd's campaign. After she departs, Sigurd is killed in a trap set by Alvis, and she never sees her brother again.

While on march through the Yeid desert with her husband, baby daughter Altenna and an army of reinforcements from Lenster, she is attacked and killed by Trabant, the king of Thracia.

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