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As a Merchant

Etira is the only functional merchant in Hackdirt. She is distrustful of outsiders and will be aggressive and rude to the player. She will have a Disposition of 100 towards the player if the player is a vampire. Scripts cause her to have a barter of 100 so she as incredibly steep prices at her shop. Unlike most other merchants she keeps her store inventory on her person. This means that she will equip the strongest weapons in her inventory, she can be pickpocketed for her store inventory, and her store inventory will never be reset. While it would be great to be able to pickpocket her inventory she usually only has bear pelts and iron arrows. While she will keep any item sold to her by the player if she runs out of bear pelts or iron arrows she will quickly restock.

In the Cult of the Deep Ones

Etira is the leader of the Cult of the Deep Ones. She reestablished the cult after finding and translating her grandfather's copy of the Bible of the Deep Ones, which are ancient, Lovecraftian dark gods that live deep beneath Hackdirt.

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