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Anybody else on the Atlus Faithful mailing list?

Just got an email from them about Etrian Odyssey IV that goes into GREAT detail about their decision making process when it came down to choosing which font they wanted to use for in-game text. (Spoiler warning: It's Neuton. "We wanted to go with a serif font to complement the game's narration-heavy feel of reading an epic saga.")

Other fonts in the running? Thyssen, Juste and Imperator.

I just... I don't...

I can't tell if this is a brilliant move on Atlus' part or absolutely baffling. On the one hand, the EO series caters to nerdlingers (like myself) that like drawing their own maps in an era where most games can handily deal with that shit for you. So, yeah, I imagine they'd also be the types of OCD weirdoes that would find this absolutely fascinating. On the other... I mean... Who does this?

I don't even know if I can justly be accused of making a mountain out of a mole hill, since the company themselves just based an entire marketing communication about choosing a font for the game. Although, sure, yeah, here I am, on an internet forum, posting about it.

Anyone else get this? Anyone else now inexplicably more hyped for this game because they know which font they'll be staring at while excitedly waiting for the next chance to draw some lines on a map?

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I was getting ready to post about this. Fonts!

(It is a good-looking font.)

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@SpunkyHePanda said:

I was getting ready to post about this. Fonts!

(It is a good-looking font.)

I know right? I know I was kinda "who gets excited about fonts? Pfft!" in the original post, but this strange sensation is either excitement over other people getting excited about fonts, or just plain excitement about fonts.

Anyways, this game might convince me to get a 3DS XL.

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