Hey let's share our Guild cards!

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Neat, was hoping peeps on the GB website might be doing this. Marceline, Susan Str, and TreeTrunk are currently on the bench.

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Need to get far enough to post my guild. Anyway awesome sets guys.

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Updated version of my post-game party.

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My "just beat the final boss" party:

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My updated card. Guild Not Evil continues to make slow progress, somewhat impeded by the tendency of its members to rest or retire. Added a treasure map besides the default Sharp Lands.

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I'm guessing you can change hair colour later in the game? (looking at OP's post)

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@sixsides:No, you can do that from the beginning. There's a Colors option on the character creation screen via the Y button.

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:s dang! The tiny UI and my eyes merging the all that dam green.

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@sixsides: I like your guild and team members names

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@superwristbands: Haha, thanks I just finished watching Akibaranger when I tried the demo. I see you also got a similar naming scheme going on with virtues.

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Last update, post-endgame. Not Evil guild got their shit together and powered through the last two stratums. Got to say, EO4 gets props for not making me feel like I had to grind even once. I DID complete most of the sidequests tho.

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