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Hi all,

I'm debating a couple of ideas related to my party and just wanted some suggestions. I'm not looking to really min/max but want to make sure I'm not going to hit a brick wall by reconfiguring either.

I have a team hovering around level 20 at the moment.

My initial setup was:

Dancer - Fortress - Landsknecht

Runemaster - Nightseeker

I found the Nightseeker was not doing anywhere near her most efficient damage so I moved her up to the Front in exchange for the Fortress. The Dancer/Nightseeker/Landsknecht now get a lot of synergy attacks off and are a good damage dealing force.

The Fortress feels like dead weight now, however. He's also not exactly exciting to use as he is defense oriented and doesn't have any ranged attacks. Once I cast strike Guard and/or Taunt he just kind of sits there. If I'm absolutely going to get punched in the nuts later due to lack of defense I'll keep him but for the sake of fun I would prefer a more active rear line option.

If I pull him out, since he's not absorbing damage would a medic be a good rear line choice instead? I feel like I am going to need more active healing in place to compensate. I am not exactly sure when/how I can subclass but is it feasible to get more defensive options later via that route?

I suppose another option would be a second Runemaster. I guess one could be set up with debuffs and the other with attacks, or have each one specialize in an element.

Any thoughts?

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The Fortress has been pretty handy for me as far as defense goes. Yes, he's sometimes not active for several turns in a row, but his skills have also kept me from dying a few times. If you really need him to do something else, then yes he can subclass later on, but he never gets much TP (and what he does have is incredibly valuable) so don't expect to be able to use him as a Runemaster or something.

I also have a Medic in the rear line to keep me healed. Like the Fortress, though, I find myself putting her on defense a lot. My third character is Wufan, the Arcanist in the second area, and she does a lot of status effects. She replaced a Nightseeker that was quickly losing relevance by that point. I imagine that he could be used well, but Wufan's advantages were more immediately apparent to me and I felt like a Nightseeker would be better as a subclass later on anyway.

Yes, this leaves only two characters to attack (a Runemaster and a Landsknecht, the former is the biggest damage dealer of the lot), but combined they almost always do a hell of a lot of damage.

My party setup is:

Landsknecht - Fortress

Medic - Runemaster - Arcanist

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