How does this play sans a driving wheel?

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So if you don't have a fancy wheel and peddle setup how does this fare control wise? I've been very tempted to get this while it is still at $10. I just like to know if its worth playing with KB&M

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I would say no driving game is great with KBAM. That said, if you have an Xbox controller for your PC, it totally works great for that. Absolutely worth the $10.

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@dourin: Is there native support for the 360 controller? I didn't see any "Controller Enabled" on the steam feature list. Or will I have to fumble around with Joy2Key or something to get it to work?

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Yep. Totally playable w/ a 360 controller. There's an in-game wizard to set the buttons up, but after that it's pretty great.

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@demoskinos: I play with 360 controller and it's a fun game.

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Works very well with a 360 controller. It has native support but some of the binds are a bit odd. The profile @andygazi linked to is close to mine:

- Accelerate on right trigger, brake on left. Standard for just any other vehicle in any other game so it's a bit weird it's not set up this way by default.

- Steer left/right on the left stick's left/right axis. Nothing on the up/down axis.

- Look on the right stick.

- Shift on the shoulder buttons.

I haven't bothered binding much else yet, it's easy enough to just tap the default keyboard bind. Still lot's of buttons left though so you should have space to move the functions to it if you want or have to play only using the gamepad.

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I mapped my controls to my 360 controller and it works. One of the best pick ups in this years steam sale

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