On sale for $12 or £10 at GMG!

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Want to check this out after watching the Quick Look? It's currently 50% off at GMG, with a further 20% off of that with their voucher code GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS. So $12 or £10/€10 if you're a real Euro driver.

Steam code, yo.

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Also it's at 12.47 € not 10€. Because apparently that website acts as if 1$ = 1£? Even still, 10£ are worth 11.60€. I don't get it.

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It's at €12.47 after using the voucher? Annoying!

#5 Posted by Snail (8675 posts) -

@bibamatt said:

It's at €12.47 after using the voucher? Annoying!

Silly old me didn't use the code.

I might just make a really dumb decision.

#6 Posted by Beaker (92 posts) -

The game is definitely worth it at that price.

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I tried the demo, enjoyed it a little more than I should have I think.... I'll pick it up later when I have a bit more free time though.

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I grabbed it and hooked up my wheel for the first time in forever, its just a driving force gt but it made the game really satisfying even without a H shifter. Put on some weird Euro metal station and dropped off some meat, gotta say theirs something addicting about it. Well worth 12 bucks.

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