Should I buy Euro Truck Simulator?

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so, this is really dumb. i've watched vinny and drew play euro truck simulator a couple of times and it looked pretty good. now, with the steam sale, it's only $6.50. should i do this?

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Sure? It seems to be pretty fun if you like driving a truck around.

Don't be afraid to like Euro Truck Simulator.

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@phoenix6153: please post threads like this in the appropriate forum instead of lumping it into general - also I'm changing your topic title to something not so vague. Thanks.

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I was thinking about it but I'm not sure how long the appeal will last for me, plus I have a huge backlog and just bought a vita today. Also I think it's way more fun watching Vinny play rather than play it by myself, not saying it won't be fun but Vinny just adds that extra special something.

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@mb: my bad...sorry

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Surprisingly fun, however you are just driving a truck around ... I also have a G27 so maybe that also adds more appeal?

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I would say to get the 2nd one. Not sure how the first one holds up as I haven't played it, but the 2nd one was a nice surprise to me. After watching the quick look of it I bought it on a GMG sale, and the combo of driving and RPG mechanics in the game is surprisingly fun.

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It is surprisingly fun. You'll certainly find your money worth it if you just let the game grow on you.

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Get the demo from their website. Maybe steam also has it? I tried the demo and that was enough for me personally.

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The first one is okay but the second one is the one to get. I can't speak for others but personally I find it better if you've a steering wheel to play it with. While it's not a game I'll label as fun, it's pretty relaxing and it's a good game to play with if you just want to cruise to whilst listening to podcasts or music.

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so i've been playing it for the last few days and it is surprising relaxing. i've really enjoyed it so far. only problem is that i need to get a wheel to do it properly. also, i feel like i'm getting a lot of speeding fines when i'm not going super fast...o wells, can't complain too much. it's really enjoyable. thanks

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I wish I had a Drew-like setup for this game, as I feel like I'm missing an integral part of the experience when using a keyboard or controller.

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