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Comet sighted! 1

Okay, so I haven't actually finished a game yet; I've gotten to 1663 on an Savoy to Italy game, I've gotten to 1600 on a Crusader Kings 2 converted game where I created Finnish North America, and I've gotten to 1670 on an Omani game. I haven't gotten to the revolutionary part yet, or the colonial uprising part, but I know it hasn't changed much from EU3 so whatevs.Oman DANGSo, if you're not actually sure what this game is, it's a grand strategy game. It starts in the year of our lord 1444, and ...

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The Fourth Coming: Europa Universalis IV 2

Europa Universalis IV is, oddly enough, the fourth iteration of the Europa Universalis series from Paradox Interactive. With EUIV, you will be able to live out your wildest fantasies of nationalistic domination and map painting tomfoolery, all the while securely nestled in your leather clad armchair. But, is it worth the colossal investment of time and cerebral real-estate?Things have changed, things have stayed the same –What major gameplay differences could Paradox Interactive have implemente...

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My favorite game of all time 0

I've been playing games for quite a while. More than 30 years. Most of the time, I play on the PC. I would say that my first real jaunt into the world of strategy gaming was probably the original Sid Meir's Civilization back in 1991. Up until EUIV's release last year, The Europa series was always second fiddle to CIV in my mind, but, thats changed. Paradox Development Studio's formula has finally clicked. The rubber met the road with Crusader Kings II, and it was perfected with EUIV. The ...

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