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Evan King is the 55 year old sole guardian of Arefu. He spends the time that he doesn't spend sleeping in his house guarding the bridge that leads to Arefu. Evan has set up explosives on the bridge to blow any attacking person or creature to bits. He's been guarding the bridge since a gang called "The Family" attacked Arefu's brahmin.

In Blood Ties

Throughout the quest Blood Ties Evan King acts as the guardian and representative of Arefu. He will greet the player as they make their way to Arefu by throwing a grenade at them, having thought they were with The Family. After he realizes his mistake and almost blows the player up he will tell the player to get behind his sandbag barricade. Once there he will instruct the player to check on the families of Arefu. The player will have to check on the Wests, Ewers, and Karen Schenzy. The player can ask the Ewers and Schenzy about their opinions of Evan King. Davis and Matilda West are found dead and have bite marks on their necks as well as a large amount of blood pooling on the ground. Report back to Evan and tell him that the two Wests are dead. Evan will say that Ian West, their son, and brother of Lucy West, must have been taken captive by The Family. He will ask the player to stop The Family and save Ian. He will share several locations he thinks The Family may be hiding out in. After settling business with The Family either peacefully or violently and getting Ian to come back or stay the player has to tell Evan what happened. Several deals can be brokered between Evan and Vance, the leader of The Family. One deal is that the people of Arefu will give The Family blood packs in exchange for protection. After this a member of The Family named Alan will take over Evan's position guarding the town behind his sandbag barricade. After helping out Evan he will periodically give you random alcohol and access to his weapon as thanks.


Evan King's inventory consists of:
Merc Troublemaker Outfit
Roving Trader Hat
Assault Rifle
Frag Grenade
Evan King's Housekey


The Repair Bobblehead is in his house.
He is a Good Karma character.
His SPECIAL stats are: Strength-6, Perception-6, Endurance-5, Charisma-5, Intelligence-4, Agility-6, Luck-4.
He is voiced by Paul Eiding.
His Base ID is: 0001d5f6
His Reference ID is: 0001d70f

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