Alliance Tournament X - The Annual Ultimate Battle

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Today is the first studio day for the Tenth Annual Alliance Tournament. It has the best of the best in Eve Alliances competing in New Eden's version of E-Sports. Brought to you by CCP and a collection of Eve Online Player Experts, including myself. Along with Eve Fanfest, this is the biggest event in Eve Online each year, with the 1st and 2nd place teams taking home ships worth an estimated combined worth of 3.5 trillion isk, enough isk to pay for your account for 7500 months.

Check out the stream and schedule this weekend and next at:

If you guys want to read up on the rules, format, and results of the qualifiers you can check them out at:

Feel free to ask me any questions, and I hope to see you guys tuning in!

#2 Posted by TheCableKid (242 posts) -

This is cooking up to be one of the best tournaments yet.

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Been making some mad isk betting on this years tournament, fantastic matches so far.

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