Amazing EVE ONLINE Stories/Moments

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This is one minor happenings during EVE ONLINE and it got kinda serious...


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The CCP petition he formed was never heard by anyone significant, I am sure. Even from the short amount of time I've been playing the game, I understand that risks like that are what make EVE what it is.

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Haha, man this game sounds so fucking awesome, but I'm actually afraid to play it...

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haha, that was great.  Thanks for posting it.

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Well that is why i dont play MMOs...

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that's hilarious.  I love how they talk about it like it's real.  I feel sorry for that guy because he's taking it so seriously. 

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I liked the look of eve so I tried one of those free trials they advertise everywhere.  That game has a steep learning curve.  Like cliff steep.  It's not made any easier by the fact that the tutorial seems to cut off half way through.  The time investment must be huge for that game though so I think I'm ok not playing.  I'll find an easier MMO

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Just found a nice story of more madness going on in EVE thanks to Shacknews. [link]. Seems one of the largest guilds in the game has been taken down due to someone jumping ship to another rival guild. Seems Band of Brothers (BoB) had one of their directors (I assume thats like a leader?) joining a rival guild after much persuasion from, and this is the best bit, the Goonfleet Intelligence Agency (GSA). Now all their ISK (money) and territory as well as the rights to the guild name are passed onto the GSA.

Will the madness in EVE ever stop? I agree with Brad that hearing about this stuff makes me want to play EVE. But it would take a few years hardcore playing to get to that level of noteworthy backstabbing.

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Wow, amazing.  EVE sounds so goddamn insane...

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I think EVE Online is a TV show for the masses. With stories and plot twists. With games like these, why bother going to the movies. :-X

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I tried a free trial of EVE yesterday, and damn, is it complicated. Like super-complicated. I could tell it would take at least a couple months of play-time to even grasp the fundamentals.

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I don't know if anyone else listened to the most recent Bombcast, but that contains the single most banana sandwich story I have ever heard associated with any MMO, EVE included. I won't recount the story here, but I have to say that that story could be the single reason I will, without a doubt, invest my time in EVE Online. For those of you who want to hear the story, if you fast-forward the 'Cast until there's about five minutes left you'll get the majority of it.

I had to listen to it three or four times before the full weight of it really sunk in.

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As a member of the Goonswarm Alliance I thought I'd follow up a bit for you that are interested. We managed to get a spy into the highest levels of Band of Brothers directorship and then disbanded their alliance. I'll attempt to explain BoB's death to WoW-playing people:

"It's less like someone hacking your character, and more like the Horde disbanding the fucking Alliance and then telling all the orcs to go to Stormwind and take over the shops."

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From what I've heard, he wasn't a spy, but rather just a leader of BoB that wanted to join Goon...

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albedos_shadow said:
"I tried a free trial of EVE yesterday, and damn, is it complicated. Like super-complicated. I could tell it would take at least a couple months of play-time to even grasp the fundamentals."
Same thing happened to me when I first played it. But after watching a few sci-fi movies, I tried it again and got addicted.
It is not complicated, just too complex. I've been playing for more than year now, and I still learning new stuff everyday. Not like in other MMOs when after playing for a long time you'll know everything there is to it.
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That was jokes.

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He was just blowing off some steam. They didn't explain well enough the cause and effects of 0.4 below, they were just letting him go at it.

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Driadon said:
"From what I've heard, he wasn't a spy, but rather just a leader of BoB that wanted to join Goon..."
It was a leader that join a goon corp that was about to be scammed but the scammer had a change of heart and let him stay, then found it he was a bob director and was able to turn him letting him spy on the alliance and then disband it
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God damn....downloading the trial =D

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