Cestus Wraith is recruting(High\Low\0.0 sec operations)

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Cestus Wraith is a corp newly moved to 0.0 and looking for new members. Null sec experience is welcome but not needed, and we will treach you what you need to survive. We want you, whether you're a fresh faced rookie or an old veteran.

Providence is our home region and is a great place to start your null sec adventure.

It is a very active place whether you want to do pvp, pve, exploration, mining, or industry. Our alliance Care Factor has sov and outposts in Providence so you will be able to settle down. With all of Providence being in a coalition there will always be stuff going on.

Cestus also have a high sec base if you dont want to come into 0.0 form the start.

So a bit about Cestus. We are a fairly casual Corp that understands that real life comes first.

Activities we do:

*Mining: We have regular mining ops's with possible Rorqual\Orca boost.

*Manufacturing: Our manufacturing department is just starting up, but we have the goal of producing capital ships

*PvE: We do missions and 0.0 exploration sites

*PvP: Providence is an active place with PvP fleets going all the time

If this sounds interesting and you want more information send a mail to me(Frangus) or join our public channel "Cestus Pub" ingame

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Still Recruting

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@AleksO said:

Still Recruting


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Yeah. Why dont you contact me ingame(Ingame name Frangus) and we can get the process started.

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