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#51 Posted by Renahzor (1033 posts) -

This was a good recap of the last couple of discussions on the bombcast etc. Hope to see you back in EVE for a little while sometime soon Scoops!

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Great follow up post. I would love to see some video content on this game.

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The tiny country is home to just 319,000 people, and more than 120,000 reside in Reykjavik itself.

Since I live here I would just like to offer a tiny correction. Population numbers were 321,857 as of January 1st this year. We've got all this statistics stuff (and more!) logged here, if anyone is interested.

Also, awesome travelouge :)

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I am completely fascinated by Eve Online after seeing GB's coverage. I just don't think I have the time to invest though.

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Holy crap Patrick and Drew. That travelogue video was fantastic. I haven't been on Giantbomb lately as with work and vacation (other then the podcast). And it just amazed me how much your guys skill creating this media has grown. I wonder if you could have made a two hour documentary maybe you would have had some Sundance material there.

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